57-7-I11 Call „Our Europe“


Ausschuss Internationales

Hiermit möge die MV beschließen den Call “OUR EUROPE – UNITED, DEMOCRATIC, IN SOLIDARITY“ zu unterschreiben.

Der Call lautet wie folgt:
On the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, we gather, aware that to
prevent Europe from collapse, social and environmental disasters, and regressions
towards authoritarianism, we must change it.
Our common legacy, built upon the achievements of rights and democracy, is
disintegrating alongside our welfare state, hopes, and aspirations.
In recent years we have witnessed unfair treaties, austerity, the domination of finance,
rejections, job insecurity, and the discrimination of young people and women; in Europe we
also saw the growth of inequality and poverty.
We are at a crossroads: between saving human lives, or banks; between ensuring
universal rights, or dismantling them; between peaceful coexistence or war; between
democracy or dictatorship. Mistrust, fear, and social insecurity are increasing, while
racism, reactionary nationalism, walls, boarders, and razor wires are growing all around
Another Europe is necessary, urgent, and possible. To create it we must act. We must
denounce policies that threaten its very existence. We must demand supranational
democratic institutions as real expressions of popular mandate, with adequate resources.
We must claim the respect of the rights enshrined in the Charta of Fundamental Rights.
And whether in the Mediterranean area or beyond the European Union borders—we must
defend all things good, propose alternatives, and fight to achieve them.
This project of european unity, innovative and fearless, will guarantee to all men and
women the only viable future. A future based on democracy and freedom, rights and
equality, legitimate respect of gender diversity, social and climate justice, human and labor
dignity, solidarity and acceptance, peace, and environmental sustainability.
We will never say “Italians or Germans or French first,“ but “us first.“ By “us,“ we mean
North and South, East or West European, natives and migrants, men and women.
Let’s start from here—from Rome. Let’s show solidarity and unity, and build a political
space equal to the challenges ahead. Let’s overcome our differences, in our continent and
all over the world.
We invite you to respond to this call, to promote and contribute to other events and
gatherings in Italy and all over Europe, and to come to Rome the 23rd, 24th and 25th of
March to take part in initiatives that will bring about a remarkable, unified convergence.


Es  bietet sich dem FZS die Möglichkeit  ein Statement gemeinsam mit  Gruppierungen, NGO's und Parteien wie Greenpeace, Universitäts- und Schulgewerkschaften, der Jungen Europäischen Föderalisten und  evtl. der Konföderalen Fraktion der Vereinten Europäischen Linken/Nordische Grüne Linke und der Europäischen grünen Parteizu setzten.  

Gegen eine Unterstützung des Calls sprechen allerdings die darin formulierte einseitige Kritik, der geäußerte Dualismus zwischen Katastrophe und befreiter Gesellschaft und eine Sprache die geradezu von Pathos und Krisenrhetorik strotzt. Wendungen wie "reactionary nationalism" ( Wann ist Nationalismus nicht reaktionär?), "Us First", etc entsprechen unserer Meinung nach nicht dem Ethos des fzs. Was denkt ihr?

Der Antrag ist initiativ, da uns de Call auch erst nach der Antragsverschickungsfrist erreichte.

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